Hulah FAQs


Why the name Hulah?

We are bringing dating full circle- kind of like a hula hoop! Not only are we bringing people back to having real face to face conversations, we also want your circle of friends involved too! We have designed our technology to create as much of a real life experience as possible providing our users a full circle view of their match.

How does the Video Chat work?

At Hulah, we believe having a real face to face conversation is vital before deciding to meet in person, that is why it is always a part of our process. Upon matching with another user, you first schedule a time to 5 minute video chat. Then, once it’s scheduled, your ability to chat will open up. Upon the agreed upon scheduled time, our server will give you a ring and the 5 minute video chat will initiate. When the person picks up, there will be a 5 second countdown to your video chat, while simultaneously displaying their profile screen (including ‘Ask Me Abouts’ etc.). We know you won’t learn everything in those 5 minutes, but you should get a good idea of your vibe together, then bring that spark into real life.

What if I don’t show up to my confirmed video chat?

No one likes to be left hanging. If you confirm a video chat and something pops up last minute, make sure you either propose a new time or cancel. If you don’t don’t show up to a confirmed video chat with your match and don’t communicate at all, your profile will be shown to less people. You can improve yourself in the algorithm again by showing up to all future confirmed video chats. We like to boost people who take Hulah matches seriously!

What if I can’t make my scheduled video chat?

Don’t worry. You can propose a new time or cancel.

How do I video chat with my match again?

Simply open up your chat and click the video icon to give them a ring.

How do I know when my video chat dates are?

You can see the status of each match by going to the match tab and then clicking -> Upcoming Scheduled Dates.

Is my personal phone number shared when I’m on a Video Chat?

Hulah’s technology protects our user’s personal information, and no phone number will be shared on our end.

Why is the Video Chat timed?

We believe that 5 minutes is the right amount of time for users to determine if they have mutual chemistry. If you figure this out sooner than 5 minutes, you can end the date by pressing the End Call icon at the bottom of the screen during your Video Chat.

Why am I matched with ‘Hi from Our Founder’?

This is a prerecorded video simulator so you can get a feel for what a Hulah ‘Face to Face’ video chat is like and our founder, Heather Hopkins, shares some pro tips.

What options do I have after I go on a Video Chat?

Once you’ve completed a Video Chat, the next screen will ask you to choose to either Chat, Stay Matched, Block, or Report. You can also Video Chat with your match again by clicking the video icon on your top of the chat screen.

What happens if I found success on Hulah?

We lah-ve to hear your stories! Please send them to Contact Us

How do I know if a user is Video Chatting me?

If your volume is turned on you will hear notification sound plus, you will see a notification pop-up that shows someone is calling you. Tap the notification to pick up, and your Video Chat will start shortly after.

What is the “Cheat Sheet” Icon in the bottom left hand of the screen while I’m on a Video Chat?

When you tap the cheat sheet icon it opens up the users profile that you are Video Chatting with, giving you a chance to refer to their ‘Ask Me About’ information or maybe make a comment on one of their pictures! We believe in real conversations, so use this feature to the fullest and really get to know the person deeper. PS. Your match cannot see when you have it open.


Hulah zero tolerance policy:

We have a zero tolerance policy for violation of any of our Community Rules. This means that we reserve the right to penalize or ban any user for any violation at our discretion to protect our Rule abiding users. If you experience anything that you think violates our Community Rules, please be proactive and Contact Us.

What measures does Hulah take to protect its users?

The Hulah moderation team is constantly monitoring any and all behavior/content that seems to violate our Community Rules. We immediately look into accounts that have been reported, and we have restrictions in place against any vulgar or inappropriate content on profiles. Our top priority is to keep the loop a safe environment for all of our users and we have no problem keeping our circle tight and rid of bad actors.


How do I edit my profile?

Tap the ‘My Account’ button in the footer, then tap the blue pencil icon located just beneath your profile picture.

How can I make my profile more appealing?

Definitely record your Video Verification, and also try to complete your entire profile. Add photos and input content that shows the real YOU! Try to include your friends, family, pets and hobbies. Also, the ‘Ask Me About’ feature is a great way to show your creativity, and can be changed as often as you want to keep your conversations on Hulah fresh and exciting!

Why should I activate my Catfish Catcher?

This is the first thing people see when discovering new matches. Think of it like walking up to someone and saying “Hi my name is..” We want the Hulah loop to feel as real life as possible-- and real life relationships start with a simple hello. The catfish catcher helps your matches feel comfortable about the person they will be going face to face with, while also minimizing catfishing and inauthentic representation.

Why did my Catfish Catcher disappear?

When recording a Catfish Catcher it is important to follow the instructions: Record your face within the dotted circle, and say your name. If you do not abide by these instructions, your video may be rejected, but don’t worry, you can always re-record it.

Does my friend have to have a Hulah account to make a FriendsCheck video for me?

Nope, all friends check videos are recorded through the web link you shared and the person does not have to be a Hulah user themselves to access the web portal.

I just reordered my FriendsCheck video, why isn’t it ordering correctly when I view my profile?

Whenever you reorder your FriendsCheck videos, it may take our servers up to 2 minutes until you can see and download the updated video.

How do I save my Friends Check video?

Simply click the download button on the right when in view profile mode. A notification will pop up when it has successfully saved to your camera roll.

What’s the purpose of the ‘Ask me about’ section?

‘Ask Me About’ shows your hobbies, interests and creativity. It also provides conversation starters to keep your Video Chats lively, and full of conversation.

My age and zodiac sign are displaying wrong in my profile, how can I fix this?

Please Contact Us here, let us know what you want corrected and we will have our team input the correct information.

Why can’t I update my profile?

Go to ‘My Account’, then tap the blue pencil icon. On this screen tap ‘View Profile’ to see your Profile as others see it.

Why has a photo been deleted/removed from my profile?

If a photo has been deleted from your profile it is because it does not comply with our Community Rules and Safety Guidelines

How can I set age, distance preferences etc?

Go to ‘My Account’, then ‘Preferences’ to adjust these.

Why can’t I update my profile?

Make sure that you have good wireless or data connection, and if that doesn’t work try closing out the App and reopening it. If that doesn’t work, delete the App and reinstall. Finally, if that doesn’t work please Contact Us

How do I switch my location to find users in my area?

Go to ‘My Account’, then ‘Preferences’, and set your location.

I pressed “Don’t Allow” on my camera settings by accident. How can I fix this?

Go to the settings on your IOS or Android phone. Scroll down to the apps and find Hulah. Tap Hulah and make sure that ‘Allow Camera’ and ‘Allow Notifications’ are both turned on.


How can I express interest in another user before I Video Chat them?

Once you have scheduled a time to have a real conversation with your match, your ability to chat with them opens up. We suggest using this to simply express your excitement for your scheduled real conversation and would sway you away from using this to meaninglessly chat.

How do you schedule a Video Chat with another user?

You simply click the chat portal next to your matches name and schedule one from there. You can see the status of your dates in the upcoming dates tab on the top of the matches tab.

What if I have a conflict during the time my match proposed a date?

No problem. Just click “propose new time” on the Upcoming Scheduled Dates tab.

I confirmed a date, but I had a last minute conflict come up. What do I do?

No problem. Just click “propose new time” on the Upcoming Scheduled Dates tab.

Why aren’t I getting any matches?

We deliver all available users to other users that fit each other’s Preferences. If you’re having trouble getting matches, try recording your Video Verification and updating your Profile content including changing your photos and your ‘Ask Me About’ entries. The more complete your Profile is, the better chance you have of generating interest. For more information, check out Hulah Success Tips.

Why did I run out of people in the ‘Hulah’ section?

If you’ve thinned out the herd, we suggest adjusting your ‘Preferences’ to see new users, or be patient with us as we continue to bring on new users everyday! For more information, check out Hulah Success Tips.

Why did one of my matches disappear?

If one of your matches suddenly disappears, it is most likely because they have decided to unmatch you, or their account has been deleted.

My chats aren’t sending.

If this happens to you, please Contact Us.

I accidentally unmatched someone.

We’re sorry, but once you’ve unmatched a user, you cannot undo it. This is a permanent action. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of other people to Video Date with!

How do I report or block another user?

Tap the 3 dot menu at the top right corner of the user’s profile that you want to report or block. Safety and comfort are our highest priorities, so please tell us in as much detail as you can why you decided to block or report that user and our moderation team will look into it immediately.

Why am I seeing people from an area outside of my own?

You will be shown users that fit what you chose in your ‘Preferences’. If you see people you don’t want to see, go into your ‘Preferences’ and make sure your location, choices and distance are set the way you prefer.

Can I recover a deleted match?

Once you’ve deleted a match, intentionally or unintentionally, there is no undoing this action.


How do I delete my account?

We’d hate to see you go, but if you need to delete your account you can do so by going to ‘My Account’, then ‘Settings’, then scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Delete Account’.

I’m having trouble logging into my account.

If this happens to you Contact Us.

Why has my account been frozen?

Safety is our priority. If your account has been frozen, please Contact Us so we can look into it and discuss it with you.

Why did my App crash?

All Apps occasionally crash. If this happens to you, we want to hear about it and fix it ASAP. Please Contact Us.

Why is the App lagging?

There are times that wireless and data connections slow down, and times where the servers that control Apps slow down. If you experience this, please Contact Us so we can help resolve it.