Community Rules

Last Updated: December 5, 2019

We value kindness, respect, inclusion and equality in the Hulah Community. We have created a platform for all our users to have the best chance to find in-person chemistry without actually having to spend all the effort and time to actually be there in-person. We want Hulah to be the number one reason that online dating starts to result in more meaningful relationships. In order to accomplish this, we need your help. We ask that at all times when interacting with Hulah users online or offline, that you put your best foot forward, show respect and follow all our Community Rules. We have a zero tolerance policy for violation of any of our Community Rules. This means that we reserve the right to penalize or ban any user for any violation at our discretion to protect our Rule abiding users. If you experience anything that you think violates our Community Rules, please be proactive and Contact Us.

We do not allow under any circumstances, any of the following:
18 and older only: No minors under 18 years old are permitted to use Hulah and no images or face-to-face video of minors unaccompanied by legal parents or guardians are permitted. If you experience any violation of this rule, you are required to Contact Us and report the issue.

Illegal Acts, Copyright, Trademark Infringement: If anything you do breaks any domestic or international law, or violates any Copyright or Trademark, its breaks our law.

Violence, Terrorism, Threats, Harm: You are not allowed to threaten, perform or incorporate any violence, harm, self-harm, or terrorism of any kind into any content you post, in any live Hulah or at any in-person meeting. 

Prostitution, Sex or Human Trafficking: You are not allowed to reference, promote, support, discuss, or share any content involving Prostitution or Sex or Human Trafficking.

Harassing/Abusing Users: You are not allowed to harass or abuse any user, encourage others to harass or abuse any user. Reports of any kind of threats, intimidation, bullying or stalking are considered Harassing/Abusing users.

Nudity or Sexual Content: You are not under any circumstances allowed to post on any profiles or display during face-to-face video any nude or sexual content.

Hate: You are not allowed to post, promote or support any content that displays or references hatred, bigotry, violence or racism against others based on their age, origin, gender identity, background, ethnicity, race, disability, religion, or any other generality that Hulah considers as profiling.

Privacy: You are required to keep any personal or private information disclosed to you, private. You are not permitted to share any information with others that you receive including but not limited to contact information not publicly disclosed such as phone numbers, addresses and emails.

Spam, Scams, Advertising, Solicitation, Promotion, Third Party Apps: Your profile and account information may share your personal interests including activities and events you attend but you are not allowed to use Hulah as a vehicle to advertise, spam, scam, solicit or promote anything, including but not limited to your business, events, political affiliations, surveys or contests. You are not permitted to post links for or use any Third-Party Apps that claim or offer access, shortcuts or discounts to the Hulah App. You are not permitted to exchange financial account information on Hulah of any kind including but not limited to Banking, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, ApplePay, SamsungPay. 

Account Authenticity and Use: You are not allowed to create any accounts that are not you and you are only allowed to have one Hulah account with just you as the user. Any variation of this rule will not be tolerated. We want you to keep your Hulah account for a long time, however, if we find that you have not logged in for what we feel is an incredibly long time at our discretion, we will notify you that we intend to delete your account. If you do not respond with what we feel is the intention to continue we will delete your account.