Do you hear love in the air? We do 🔉

The Groupies are unapologetically ourselves- our band of badasses is built of US college students (and a few lucky extras) who share our mission to modernize and humanize dating. This is the no BS crew through and through. If you’re reading this it’s clear you care about keeping love alive, no matter where we all may be physically. You have likely innovated parts of life to fit into a new routine and it’s also veryyyyyyyyyyy possible you’ve ordered too much online (no worries we won’t tell).

So- Who are we looking for?

We care about representing our user base and that includes… everyone 18+. Even a few sneaky 4 legged furry friends that snuck their way onto the app (keep an eye out for them).

What do we ask of you?

  • Is the local barista your bestie? Awesome, we want you to chat through fun promotional ideas with them on behalf of Hulah
  • You will post 2-4 times per month own your own social channels
  • You will bring in as many new unique users as possible. Tier 1 of our Groupie Program starts at 20 new unique users per month, Tier 2 40, Tier 3 60+
  • We’d love to hear your thoughts- Provide any feedback from your peers to the Social Media Team @ Hulah
  • Possible Event Coordination

What’s in it for you?

Dolla Dolla Bills, Special Event Access, Exclusive Swag and early access to new features. Groupies will have levels to pass through, each level gets paid a different amount and yep, you guessed it- this grows as your recruiting numbers do. Each time you get a new user on the app, you get closer to the next level.

Payment is made via paypal from our trusty Band Manager :) Pssst the very tippy top performers will be eligible for a spot on our annual retreat and Hulah House!

All of that sound like something you can get onboard with? Nice, Apply here